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Relational (guided practice, facilitation, co-management and co-creation)

  • Formative evaluation of partnerships for sustainability and resilience outcomes
    • Across inter-institutional silos (i.e. cities & universities, communities & government, non-profits & businesses)
    • Across intra-institutional silos (internal teams, team building, co-creation & co-management)
  • Long-term visioning for sustainability and resilience transformations
  • Reflective practice in sustainability and resilience initiative planning and implementation
  • Restorative justice sessions for mitigating interpersonal traumas and navigating complex relationships on teams

Educational (presentations, 1-1 sessions, reports and materials)

  • Environmental Justice, Climate Justice, Just Transitions
  • What is Climate Action Planning?
  • What is Resilience Planning?
  • What is Transition Management?
  • Creating Transformative Systems Change
  • Integrating equity, power sharing, and coalition building across differences.

Technical (research, data collection, data analysis, data visualization, reporting)

  • Best practices in urban planning (sustainability, resilience, partnerships/collaborations, equity, justice, climate)
  • GIS mapping (hazard zones, vegetation, demographics, etc.)
  • Document analysis (community plans, government documents, academic articles, etc.)
  • Interviews & qualitative analysis (question development and implementation, community-based and participatory, etc.)
  • Quantitative analysis  (performance, reporting, statistics, etc.)