Dr. Liliana Caughman

Dr. Liliana Caughman is an innovative and interdisciplinary thinker with a strong foundation in quantitative science and natural inclination towards social connection. She works at the intersection of environmental science, urban studies, and change management. Her focus is on building sustainable and resilient communities for all people, plants, animals, and non-living matter on earth. Equity and social justice are placed at the core of her work in any discipline. She looks forward to advancing her career in higher education, research, project management, and coalition-building.

Dr. Caughman is a Postdoctoral Researcher, working with the Earth Systems Science for the Anthropocene (ESSA) network. Her research focuses on how processes relate to outcomes, specifically in collaborative and community-based sustainability and resilience initiatives. She is interested in procedural justice, and the ability of cooperative and iterative evaluation methods to achieve equitable and lasting transformation.

In her role as Research Associate at Portland State University’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Liliana is currently developing and implementing a formative evaluation approach for the NOAA Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) Program in the Pacific Northwest. This work supports the development of knowledge, expertise, and abilities of decision makers to plan and prepare for climate variability and change.

Outside of work, Liliana enjoys spending time outdoors exploring the world with her spouse and son, as well as cooking and eating Puerto Rican food using secret family recipes.